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With Nightwish and Within Temptation, Epica is third european arm of the symphonic part of Metal music.

Guitar Event

Guitar evening: Caçamba + Anthony Carrubba

Guano Apes

Guano Apes' fusion of metal, pop, and rap beat out over 1,000 competitors, and their debut single, "Open Your Eyes," was a Top Ten hit in Germany.

The War On Drugs

Philadelphia's The War on Drugs reside at the blurred edges of American music: overexposing studio limitations, piling tape upon tape to maximum density, ...

Vanden Plas

Formed in 1990, German progressive metal band Vanden Plas combined the creativity of progressive rock with the aggression of metal.

Last minute

  • IQ

    26/04/2014 - Verviers

    IQ are a British neo-progressive rock band founded by Mike Holmes and Martin Orford in 1981...

  • Hooverphonic

    26/04/2014 - Liège

    Reflection is without doubt one of the most lively, energetic and up-tempo albums the band has ever...

  • Convention Prog Résiste 2014 - 2 days

    From 26/04 till 27/04/2014 - Soignies

    The Prog Place to be in Belgium in 2014! With Flower Kings, Lazuli, The Watch, Fabio Zuffanti Band,...

  • Childerock

    26/04/2014 - Tournai

    With: Hollywood Bowl (Tribute to The Doors), Whatever You Want (Tribute to Status Quo), Hitcher.

  • Kiko Veneno

    26/04/2014 - Brussels

    Singer/songwriter Kiko Veneno was born in Figueres, Spain, and later settled in Sevilla making his...